About the Republic of Bashkortostan

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The republic ranks seventh in Russia in terms of population: 4 million 051.6 thousand people; population density - 28.3 people per one square kilometer of the territory compared to an average across Russia: 8.3 people.

The largest cities and industrial centers are Ufa, Sterlitamak, Salavat, Neftekamsk, Oktyabrsky.

Bashkortostan is one of the leading industrial and agricultural regions of the Russian Federation. The Republic is one of the main oil producing regions of the country, the center of the chemical and machine industry.

The republic specializes in fuel industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, electric power, metallurgy, engineering, agriculture, light and food industries.

Despite the global crisis, average wages and cash incomes in the republic are increasing. Additional measures have been taken to support veterans, public sector workers, large and low-income families, orphans and youth.

4,06 million

over 100 nationalities

61% Urban population

143 thousand sqm km. is the area

Advantageous geographical location of the region

The Republic of Bashkortostan is located on the border of Europe and Asia, at the intersection of the most important water, rail, pipeline and automobile highways connecting the European part of the country with the Urals; it occupies most of the Southern Urals, the adjacent Cis-Ural Plains and the high plains of the Trans-Urals.

The climate of the territory is continental with wet, warm summers and moderately harsh winters.

A positive factor of the geographical position is the proximity of the Republic of Bashkortostan to the developed regions of the Urals and the Volga region, primarily to the Sverdlovsk region and the Republic of Tatarstan. The factor of transit position also plays a certain role for Bashkiria. The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the Republic, connecting the Central part of Russia with Siberia and the Far East, as well as with the countries of Central Asia, primarily with Kazakhstan.

−18° Average temperature in January

287 Number of sunny days

+18° Average temperature in July

Agricultural output

The main directions for the development:

  • Application of new technologies for cultivation of grain crops, improvement of the food reserve structure and the production of oil-bearing-crops.
  • Common projects with foreign partners in the field of animal breeding: selective stock breeding, artificial insemination of animals, organization of high-quality mixed fodders production.
  • Construction of factories for processing of fruit and vegetable raw materials and potatoes, production of canned fruits and vegetables
  • Production of special-purpose products with therapeutic and preventive qualities, baby food.

Completed under the implementation of the republic agroindustrial complex Development Strategy:

  • Federal agricultural holding "Tavros" is constructing in pig farms with output of 70 thousand tons of meat per year in Blagovarsky, Buzdyaksky and Chishminsky regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • The total investment volume is over 12 billion roubles. It is planned to create about 800 new jobs.

Implementation of projects in the midterm perspective:

  • Ufa selective and hybrid center, LLC (construction of a modern center: pig farm for the production of double-breed pigs , terminal boars and commercial pigs with output of 35 thousand heads per year.)
  • JSC "Poultry Farm" Bashkirskaya "(creation of an integrated egg sorting section and increase commercial chicken eggs production )
  • JSC "Bashkir Broiler" (construction of a poultry complex producing 90 million eggs of the final broiler hybrid per year).

The total investment volume under the projects will approximately make 6 billion roubles of income. The number of new jobs is 700.

A unique republican project for developing fur farming with an investment of 725 million roubles is implemented on the basis of LLC "Oktyabrskoe" in Kugarchinsky region; the project expected to create about 150 new jobs.

The Republic of Bashkortostan is a large region with developed agricultural production.

1 st in milk production

1 st in amount of cattle

1 st in honey production

Pharmaceutical industry

The major share of pharmaceutical products produced in the country falls on two largest enterprises: "Immunopreparat" is a branch of the federal state unitary enterprise "Research and Production Association" Microgen"and JSC "Pharmstandard - Ufa Vitamin Plant."

JSC "Pharmstandard - Ufa Vitamin Plant" is one of the ten largest Russian manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

1 st in production of multivitamin preparations

Tourist appeal

Rich hydrological resources, various and unique flora and fauna, interesting natural landscape, the availability of specially protected territories and territories that have a conservation status, historical and cultural and natural monuments of national and international importance make great opportunities for investors in terms of development of tourism and recreational activities.

Components of tourist appeal

  • Picturesque nature
  • Cultural heritage (Lake Kandrykul, Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve and Kapova Cave are part of the biosphere reserve "Bashkir Urals")
  • Developed transport infrastructure

Potential for development

  • Ecotourism and extreme tourism (horse riding, trekking, snowmobiling, rafting)
  • Further development of more traditional types of recreation associated with health promotion and winter sports activities
  • Investment in hotel business and healthcare

The Republic is among the Russian leaders in health and leisure tourism and also a large center for mountain sports and skiing.

1 st in Sanatorium and health services